C&I Green Open Access-play: The next big investment destination for infra funds?

  • C&I market significantly untapped – accounts for just 6% of the total renewable power purchases
  • Captive open access the most preferred route – i.e. procuring power for captive consumption from private renewable players using govt. transmission facilities.
  • C&I consumer perspective – low investment, significant cost savings,

    Smart meters: The basic infrastructure for a green future

    • Smart meters are essentially a data play – offering unprecedented data that can be used to bring online more green energy, curb electricity loses and reduce costs for consumers
    • The sector has immense depth – USD 30 bn over just the next 2-3 years….

      SEBI is slowly re-defining InvITs: What’s at risk for the product and its institutional audience?

      • Strong minority unitholder protections introduced – for both public and private InvITs
      • Private InvITs originally designed to attract large institutional capital – light touch re- gulations allowed flexibility to parties to manage their arrangements…

        Structures and Considerations for Offshore Debt Funding

        Special situations and private credit funds have been increasingly looking at the high yield Indian market. With banks facing liquidity and risk issues, alternate capital with customised solutions seem attractive. Structured commonly through collateralised redeemable bonds with pay-outs deferred until maturity, these bonds may have equity kickers built-in as well, in the form of redemption premium linked to any variable, such as underlying equity share price or cashflows. While offshore capital is interested, currency, tax withholdings, enforceability and regulatory risks dampen the return profile on a risk-adjusted dollar return basis…

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