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Who we are?

We are a transactional law firm built on three main foundations:

1) Commercially sharp, mathematical minds
2) Redefining simplicity, and
3) Eliminating choices for our clients

Simply, we believe that for us to be effective at what we do, we cannot confine ourselves to the theoretical exploration of the law and have to lean into the practical implementation.


Our emphasis on simplicity is deep-rooted. Our clients rely on us to guide them through some of their more challenging and novel situations, where convention and precedent are of little assistance, and they require a trusted advisor, one who can eliminate the chaff and can take those high stakes calls without seeking comfort in ambiguity.

Culture-driven, performance-oriented

We are a complete meritocracy and do not believe that age and experience have inherent value and the compensation structure is built on the same principles.


Members of our team lead and front face client interactions based on their performance and merit, irrespective of age or experience, with unmatched scope for growth. They engage with a wide breadth of international clientele comprising largely of offshore investment funds and sovereign wealth funds in complex high-stake matters. 


Our aim is to develop strong, independent personalities who go beyond legal execution. Our team members gain international exposure and travel from an early age. Critical to our success is ensuring that each member of our team is well taken care of.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

We are on the lookout for the sharpest minds and not necessarily the shiniest degrees. We are looking for people who share our value system and are not bound to conventionality.


With our focus on empathy, we appreciate and celebrate the diverse backgrounds of our team and recognise the strength we derive from our diversity. Our focus on the development of each team member drives us to create an environment that fosters creativity and excellence bound by our passion for the law. Our commitment to being an equal opportunity employer is driven by our belief in a non-hierarchical culture and we are committed to constantly listen and learn.

What we look for:
  • Ability to examine situations and structures unconventionally.
  • Ability to apply the law and question established standards; take a fresh look.
  • Confidence to front face client meetings and transactions; punch much above their weight.
  • Keenness to understand and be closely involved in all issues surrounding the transaction, such as cross border tax, governance, conflict resolution, intellectual property etc.
  • Superior execution skills; agility to work in a fast-paced work environment.
  • Keenness to research and write; close to about 30% time will be spent on research and policy advocacy.
What we promise to offer:
  • Engagement in high-stake private equity, public equities and buy-out deals representing sophisticated international clientele.
  • Exponential compensation for exponential performers.
  • Mentorship and coaching in a completely non-hierarchical setup.

Please e-mail us on to request a copy of our firm philosophy and culture deck.

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