EduInfra – Emergence of a new asset class

  • EduInfra offers a promising 10 – 11% entry cap rate for annuity investors with rental escalations in the region of 3
    – 5%

  • Infrastructure classification allows for tax optimal exit through InvITs
  • Seller awareness needed – operators slowly moving towards asset light models; depth, but potential…

    Investor or developer? Real estate regulator (RERA) classifies real estate fund as a promoter

    • The term ‘causes to construct’ in the definition of ‘promoter’ under RERA has been interpreted to include private funds exercising rights typical to such investments

    • Protective rights of investors have been interpreted as being secondary to the rights of the homebuyers – in a conflict, the latter should be protected, notwithstanding inter-se contractual relationship between developer and fund…

      Revamped Overseas Investment Regime (Part I) – A Rational Overhaul

      • Round tripping no longer illegitimate – doors open for externalisation and de-SPAC transactions
      • Definitional clarity on direct investments and portfolio investments
      • Indian GPs get a glidepath to setup offshore pooling structures…