Who We Are

We are a transactional law firm built on three main foundations:

  1. Mathematically sharp commercial minds
  2. Redefining simplicity, and
  3. Eliminating choices for our clients

Simply, we believe that for us to be effective at what we do, we cannot confine ourselves to the theoretical exploration of the law and have to lean into the practical implementation.


Our emphasis on simplicity is deep-rooted. Our clients rely on us to guide them through some of their more challenging and novel situations, where convention and precedent are of little assistance, and they require a trusted advisor, one who can eliminate the chaff and can take those high stakes calls without seeking comfort in ambiguity.


We have been closely associated with the investment funds industry and have advised some of the largest global sponsors and sovereign wealth funds. Our core specialism, therefore, is to advise on every aspect across the lifecycle of a fund – from formation, investments, structured transactions, governance issues (fund and portfolio level), to exits and commercial disputes. In addition to legal expertise, our key standout ability is to understand deal-specific tax and accounting issues and engage with principals in devising deal commercials including mathematical formulations.


We have been involved in prominent public equity, private equity, M&A and private credit transactions across different industry verticals. Underlying our experience and expertise is the team’s unflinching commitment towards research and advocacy efforts. Our research-based approach to advising transactions has allowed us to develop innovative structures and anticipate critical roadblocks in high-stakes transactions.


The heart of our practice is a common vision we share – to function as a firm driven by purpose and not merely by profit. We like to be identified by our values and organizational philosophy. We work with a select family of clients where we function with utmost professionalism yet remain emotionally invested with our clients’ purpose. Success for us is a measure of happiness, innovation, and professional excellence.

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