Who Will Move To GIFT City?

It’s Singapore, Cayman Islands, Luxembourg, Ireland, Mauritius vs GIFT City. Or at least that’s the ambition — to be counted in the league of fund-friendly jurisdictions. To that end, the International Financial Services Centre Authority (IFSCA) has floated draft proposals for fund management activity in GIFT City. Until 2020, the Securities and Exchange Board of India provided a broad framework …

SEBI’s Public Float for Private Unlisted InvITs – an instance of Regulatory Overreach?

Infrastructure development has been a focal point for the Narendra Modi government. Indian infrastructure has historically failed to attract large offshore capital due to various systemic reasons – one such reason being the lack of a well-governed tax optimal investment structure. To address this, the Securities and Exchange Board of India introduced public or privately listed infrastructure investment trusts allowing for a SEBI governed tax-optimised investment regime…

Decoding India’s Infrastructure Investment Trusts

The Indian infrastructure story has been one of few successes and many challenges. To identify the most optimal route and vehicle that can attract long-term high value private capital in the infrastructure sector, the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) rolled out the ‘InvIT’ regime in 2014,

Evolving Negotiation Strategies in Late-Stage PE Investments

Private equity (PE) investments into India are at an all-time high, with more than $11 billion invested by PE funds in 2017. The keenness now is more towards late-stage companies as compared to growth and venture investments. Fund raising by these late-stage companies has also become sophisticated, with many founders opting to run a bid process, on the back of a proven track record of performance and ethics…

REITs – Will they now be a reality?

Whilst the markets have given a warm reception to infrastructure investment trusts (InvITs) and a spate of InvITs are in the pipeline, the fate of real estate investment trusts (REITs) remains to be seen. REITs still haven’t taken off and there is a degree of morbid scepticism around the success of a REIT.

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