Core Focus

Stakeholder Governance and Stewardship

Stakeholder governance has occupied centre-stage in the context of complex corporate transactions in the public M&A sphere. Board responsibility is assuming greater significance especially when questions regarding true value realization, internal control systems and risk management are involved. Post-COVID, activist investors and proxy advisors have also demanded corporations to demonstrate their commitment to the environment and sustainable development through a clear and implementable work plan. 


We have worked with strategic and financial clients on a wide range of issues related to stakeholder governance and stewardship. Our holistic understanding of the public markets’ regulatory framework (including the ‘unwritten’ laws and customary practices) coupled with our extensive experience in transaction-related governance issues allows us to provide innovative, practical and risk-calibrated advice to our clients on governance related issues. We formulate discreet strategies to elicit and take into consideration the views of material stakeholders before finalizing our approach on any key issue. We also have extensive experience in devising and implementing forward-looking risk management strategies, drafting governance and control policies, and planning critical steps to minimizing value leakages.  

Our stakeholder governance and stewardship services include:

  • Advising boards of Indian companies on the governance-related risks and key considerations related to complex fundraising.
  • Advising on best practices and value leakage issues regarding related party transactions.
  • Advising on press strategy, activist management and investor reach-out steps in large corporate transactions.
  • Advising boards on examining management incentive structures and profit sharing plans between key shareholders and the management.
  • Advising asset managers and large institutional investors on their interactions with the boards, and rights and responsibilities as shareholders of publicly listed companies.
  • Advising on forward looking-risk management, including identification of insurance limits, increase of employee benefit, and review of cyber-security and information security systems.
  • Documentation and review of governance and control policies.

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