The legal profession tends to place ‘precedence’ on the highest pedestal. As a result, lawyers are sometimes drawn into a one-track mind, thereby stifling the core of the legal spirit. Debate at Resolut underscores the very spirit which seeks to challenge that. It’s for the unconventional, the iconoclasts and those who are willing to go far against the steadfast. 

That’s why we’ve chosen a topic which requires an intense questioning of legal anathemas. This is considered to be, by many, a part of the very bedrock of constitutional law – which is arguably enshrined in the ‘basic structure of the Constitution’. Our intent is not to grandstand, but to provoke curiosity and challenges on the touchstones of technical competence, legal principle and the intuition of the everyday.

Join us this Friday, 12th April at 4:00 PM IST for a lively and incisive examination of the motionIs the Supreme Court transgressing its powers when it says that a collegium shall have the right to appoint judges?, as top students from National Law University, Jodhpur unpack and dissect a key part of India’s governmental function. 

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