Public M&A: Do List Cos Really Need Omnibus RPT Approvals?

  • There seems to be an overlap between regular RPT approvals and omnibus approval routecreating ambiguity on what type of approvals must be procured for long term related partycontracts?
  • Listed companies often enter into long term contracts with…

Should Offshore Funds Appoint Directors?

The issue of director duties and attendant liabilities has been a subject of immense debate as the role of directors evolves in the Indian context. India is perhaps a decade behind the west in this evolution process, though rapidly catching up driven by increasingly proactive proxy advisory firms and institutional capital taking significant positions in Indian companies, though activist funds are still a rarity. Transcendence from ‘complying with their obligations’ to ‘performing their duties’ has probably been most transformational and manifested only in the past couple of years…

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