The recent overhaul of the overseas investment regime has opened newer avenues for Indian enterprises to go global. We see a significant resurgence in externalization structures, de-SPAC transactions, setting up of family offices in offshore jurisdictions, and opening up of the leveraged buy-out market with the support of private credit funds whose participation has now been permitted.


Join us for a webinar/roundtable/in-person conference to discuss the evolving structures from a legal, regulatory, tax and commercial perspective, and practical case studies.



  • Externalizing late-stage Indian companies – addressing regulatory and tax challenges
  • Achieving cash tax neutrality when flipping Indian companies offshore
  • Flips involving a swap of securities of Indian shares – is it permitted from an FDI perspective?
  • Facilitating exits for offshore private equity funds – case study
  • Resurgence of de-SPAC transactions – case study
  • De-SPAC transactions involving the take-private of an Indian listed co – case study
  • Redefined landscape for offshore leveraged buyouts – overview of the evolving landscape with domestic and offshore private credit funds now eligible to participate
  • Tax issues in flips and externalization – POEM, GAAR and transfer pricing
  • Analyzing reverse flips – opening up of new avenues for accessing global capital markets
  • Choosing the right holding company jurisdiction for global operations – US vs Singapore vs UAE


Evolving structures for overseas investments and accessing global capital

Tuesday, November 15, 2022

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